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You are asked to give a short talk on a business topic. You have to choose one of the topics from the four below and then talk for about three minutes.

  1. Types of Unemployment

  2. Employability

  3. Rate of Unemployment in the UK

  4. Unemployment in Russia

Essential Vocabulary to Text II A

adjust v

appreciate v

be available v

at least

cause n

cause v

consequence n

costly adj

decline v

declining industry

demand for labor



exhibit v

express a concern

experience v

falling sales

fluctuation n

impact on v

implication n

involve v

link to v

locate v

output n

major resource

measure n

outdated skills

pose a threat

possess n

purchase v


rent n

result in v


seal n

to seek to do

single a

slump n

steady growth

target n

to take actions

to tend to do

to transfer to

value n

to vary v




быть в наличии

по крайней мере

причина, повод

вызывать, быть причиной



приходить в упадок

отрасль, переживающая упадок

спрос на рабочую силу



проявлять, выставлять

выражать беспокойство

испытывать, переживать

сокращающиеся продажи

колебания, изменения

воздействовать на что-либо

скрытый смысл, значение


соединить, связать

помещать, расположить

продукция, выпуск

главный ресурс


устаревшие специальности

представлять угрозу



падение, спад

арендная плата

привести к результату



стремиться делать что-то


резкое падение (цен, спроса), спад

устойчивый рост


предпринимать действия

иметь склонность

переходить, передавать

ценность, стоимость

изменяться, различаться


Module 3


Perfect Continuous Tenses.

Modal verbs and their equivalents.

Causatives: to cause, to make, to force.
Phraseological units and prepositions: in line with; carry on; a number of; no longer; tend to (do) something; in terms of; owing to; because of.


1. Translate the sentences into Russian paying attention to the time modifiers. Put special questions to each sentence.

  1. The oldest of these machines has been operating for ten years and the newest for less than a year.

  2. The manager had been studying the market before he negotiated a successful deal.

  3. He had been training for an MBA degree for two years before he became a global manager.

  4. By the 15th of September this year he have been working at the laboratory for three years

  5. For many years, scientists had been studying the nucleus before they found that it is possible to split it.

  6. The enrolment of African-American students reached a peak in the late 1970s and has been declining ever since.

  7. For several weeks, the media has been reporting on the decline of the dollar.

  8. I have been managing many groups of people since I was 25 years old.

  9. I have been thinking about studying Japanese for a long time but I have always held back because I have heard it is such a difficult language.

  10. Support for the conference has been coming in from many organizations.

  11. Computers are among the labour-saving devices that have been appearing since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution.

  12. My Personal assistant had been ringing you up from 4 o’clock but the number was engaged.

  13. The plant had been increasing the product output before they reached significant economies of scale.

  14. He had been studying French for three years before he started learning English.

2. Translate into English.

1.Еще до того, как Великобритания стала членом ЕС, ее торговля с европейскими партнерами быстро развивалась.

2.Этот сотрудник работает в нашей компании с прошлой осени.

3.Он изучал английский язык в течение пяти лет, прежде чем стал изучать немецкий.

4. Посетитель пришел сюда час назад и ждет Вас с тех пор.

5.В течение десяти лет маркетологи говорят, что компьютеры будут дешеветь на 30% в год.

6.Последние годы инвестиции правительства в производственные предприятия уменьшаются.

7.К тому времени как Анна получит повышении по службе, она будет работать в этой организации уже пять лет.

8.В течение последних десятилетий качество информационных технологий улучшается.

9. С 1993 года Россия проводила (pursue) большую организационную работу, прежде чем она смогла вступить в ВТО.

3. Put the verbs in brackets in the proper tense: Perfect Simple or Perfect Continuous.

  1. For a long time economist’s __________ (try) to define the main objective of business organizations.

  2. I would like to understand what_______________ (change) in the status of personnel management.

  3. The plant ___________ (sell) its industrial products to foreign countries for decades.

  4. The USA_____________ (be) the world leader in technology for a long time.

  5. The consumption of electricity by an average family __________ (increase) since the early 1990s.

  6. We __________already __________(work) on the project for two weeks when you joined the team.

  7. Ford ________ (try) to lower the price of the Model T, since it first appeared.

  8. This year the firm _______ (introduce) a new policy of advertising goods.

  9. Most African countries________ (try) to reach the living standards of developed countries for a long time.

  10. Joe __________ already __________(think) about changing jobs when he got the offer.

  11. These firms (increase) the export of clothes to European countries since the late 1990s.

  12. The plant (employ) two hundred new workers since 2012.

  13. Easy Jet Airlines ________ (make) a profit for a few years purchasing air tickets online, because online sales develop fastest where there are no goods that have to be physically delivered.

4. Fill in the spaces, using modal verbs “can”, “could” or their equivalent “be able”.

  1. When I pass my driving test, I ………hire a car from our local garage.

  2. I ….remember the address of the firm where my colleague works.

  3. When I first went to Spain I ….. speak Spanish well enough but I …… translate business articles from Spanish into Russian.

  4. “…. you run fast?”

“I am not sure. I ….when I went to school but I don’t think I …do it now”.

  1. We ……. ship the goods next September.

  2. “…. you sign the contract now?”

“No, We ….. to do it on Friday”

  1. It’s a pity I …help him yesterday.

5. In some of the sentences either “could” or “was able” can be used.

1. The worker was very tired but he ……to repair the machine tool.

2. We ……to solve the problem a week ago.

3. I was sitting far from the speaker. I ….see all right but I …. .hear very well.

4. When he was young he……run a mile in less than five minutes.

5. The company….to make some profit even during the inflation.

6. We were late for the conference, but we …..to make our reports.
6. Translate the sentences paying attention to how probability is expressed.
1. The Swedish company might buy our company.

2. Things change, I might even lose my job.

3. May I look around the plant now?

4. I could send this order on Friday.

5. Anyone can learn how to use a computer.

6. Couldn’t you employ more well-qualified employees to complete the project?

7. Your boss may be able to change the situation.

8. This company might have enlarged the construction site, because they needed more space.
7. Translate the sentences paying attention to how obligation is expressed.

1. We must not use the machine until the green light is on.

2. You must call on me at the office, when you arrive in Moscow.

3. You have to use a mouse when you work on a computer.

4. We have to work together if we want to meet the deadline.

5. They should rely on the information from our top management.

6. You should not have opposed that proposal.

7. The Government ought to have reconsidered their decision.

8. Successful leaders must be able to articulate their ideas.

9. Our graduates will have to be prepared to realize innovative ideas.

10. We have to get up early tomorrow, as we are to be at the airport at 5 o’clock.

11. What is to be done about this problem? We are to report about it to our supervisor.

12. The workers must be allowed to take part in the management of their organization.

13. Nowadays all employees in every field of science and technology need to be regularly retrained.

14. Effective planning must begin with objectives that are to be achieved by carrying out the plan.
8. Translate the sentences into English using modal verbs.
1.Эту систему можно также использовать на других предприятиях.

2.На него нельзя положиться.

3.Для модернизации нашего завода будет необходимо импортировать новое оборудование.

4. Проектировщику приходится выбирать между надежностью этой установки и ее стоимостью.

5.Эти исследования необходимо было держать в секрете.

6. Правила техники безопасности должны быть четко сформулированы.

7.Нам не следует недооценивать имеющиеся проблемы.

8. Вы можете внести данные изменения в компьютерную программу.

9. Вы сможете занять только ту сумму, которую вы сможете вернуть.

10. Вам не следовало бы выступать против их предложения.

11.Правительству следовало бы пересмотреть эту программу.

12. Эти данные, вероятно, были обработаны с помощью цифровых технологий.

13.Секретарь сообщила, что в настоящий момент президент нашей компании, возможно, проводит видеоконференцию с региональными представителями.

14. Не может быть, чтобы наш мастер не сделал эту работу.
9. Choose the proper Modal verb. Translate the sentences.

  1. According to the information received by the company, the sale representatives (must, have to, be to) arrive on the next plane.

  2. The government (must, should, have to) stimulate the production of necessities and it (should, must) prevent the increase in prices

  3. According to the contract all the papers (must, have to, be to) be ready for tomorrow.

  4. Japan is known as a small nation with big population that (to be able, have to, should) overtake such industrialized country as the USA in some fields of economy.

  5. “You (may, must, should) put up with my requirements or you (should, have to, can) look for another job”, said the director.

  6. There are no parking facilities for manufactured cars in this plant, so the company (should, must, have to) buy some land.

  7. To start business a manufacturer (must, should, have to) buy the necessary means of production.

10. Complete the sentences, using the Modal verbs or their equivalents: can, could, may, to be able to, must, to have to.

    1. Small nations ___________ ensure their economic security only by effective cooperation with other nations.

    2. They ____________ introduce new machinery as soon as possible.

    3. _________ Russia supply its population with necessary amounts of gas and petrol? –Yes, they ___________.

    4. This manager doesn’t meet the sales target. You __________ employ a better manager.

    5. British farmers __________ (not) ensure the required quality of meat when there was an infection among the cattle a few years ago.

    6. You ___________ have a special license to import or export exotic animals and seafood.

    7. Members of the OPEC (Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries) _______________ to sell oil at the same price.

    8. Any crisis in the economy of the USA ____________ dramatically influence the economies of other nations.

    9. The firm ________ increase its profitability by means of new materials and technologies.

11. Translate into English.

  1. Сегодня помощник руководителя (PS-Personal Assistant) должен приготовить документы для предстоящих завтра переговоров.

  2. Не могли бы вы помочь мне заполнить (complete) моё резюме (CV: Curriculum Vitae)?

  3. Расширение компании может привести к уменьшению уровня безработицы.

  4. Как членам товарищества (partnership), нам приходится делить (share) права и обязанности. Один из нас должен заниматься производством, другой – маркетингом.

  5. Кто-то должен взять на себя ответственность перед нашими зарубежными партнерами.

  6. Я должен быть на собрании совета директоров (Board of Directors)? – Нет.

  7. Чтобы управлять (run) компанией, ты должен быть очень ответственным человеком.

  8. О своем повышении по службе тебе следует поговорить со своим начальником.

  9. Тебе незачем иметь наличные деньги. Там разрешается платить по кредитной карточке.

  10. Мы считаем, что наши товары могут конкурировать со своими соперниками за рубежом и найдут своих клиентов.

12. Before you read the text below, answer the questions.
a) What do you know about inflation?

b) Do you think that inflation can be caused by increase in people’s pay?

c) Can you name any other reasons of inflation?

d) What do you think is the social threat of inflation?

e) Do you know anything about types of inflation?

f)Why do you think that a major objective of government economic policy is to control inflation?
Read and translate the text using Essential Vocabulary and any other dictionary.
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Учебное пособие Москва Издательство мгту им. Н. Э. Баумана 2014 г iconУчебное пособие Москва Издательство мгту им. Н. Э. Баумана 2014 г
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