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Сценарий творческого вечера

A song by Louis Armstrong “What a wonderful world”

I вед. Dear friends! Good afternoon! We are happy to welcome you at our party today. You know, tomorrow it will be a wonderful day, several holidays are celebrated on the 14th of February. First of all it’s St.Valentine’s Day. It’s a day when boys and girls, sweethearts and lovers, husbands and wives, and all the  friends will exchange greetings of love. This holiday is very tender, magic and sincere.

II вед. Secondly, all Russian people are having a Pancake week now and tomorrow it is Maslenitsa. So we congratulate you on these holidays and wish you all the best.

I вед. And today we want you to feel the atmosphere of these pretty holidays beforehand thanks to fascinating music, interesting dances and songs on diffetrent languages: Russian, Chuvash, English, French and Chinese.

 I вед. You know we’ve got some foreign students at our school now, they also will take part in our concert and we hope it’ll be a good party of frienship. So, let’s start our party, meet pupils of the 8th form with their beautiful song “Anastasia”. (8A)

       1) song “Anastasia”

II вед. Modern young people can’t imagine their life without music. Let’s listen to the musical composition “  ,performing on the flute by Вохминцева  Таня, the pupil of the 7th form.

       2) Музыкальная пьеса -

I вед. Our native land is called a land of 100 songs, the Chuvash music is very tuneful and we invite you to admire a beautiful chuvash song “Blackbirds”. Mайорова Аня, the pupil of the 7th form presents it to you.

       3) Chuvash song “Blackbirds”

 II вед.    - And now our national Сhuvash dance.

        4)  Танец - 

I вед. We are happy to have friends from all over the world in our school. We have played host to the students from Tailand,Turkey, Germany and now we have AFS students from France, China and the USA.  They also want to present their culture with their songs.

Our pupils learn French too, the pupil of the 11th form Sinitsina Irina sings a song “Mama mia”

II вед. Our guest from China Minhuway tells us that tomorrow people from her country are celebrating Chinese New year. We congratulate her on this holiday. And Minhuway presents you a song about friendship.


I вед.  Several days ago we were happy to meet one more foreign student at our school – Meggie. Now you have got a good opportunity to hear a song from a real American girl. You are welcome, Maggie!

 II вед. We are very greitful to our foreign friends for their brilliant performances. Now, we continue our party.

I вед Our young pupils learn English with pleasure. Their dream is to visit different foreign countries and they want to recite some poems for you and dance. Let’s cheer up them with applause.

          II вед. We are proud that our pupils are very clever, hard-working, friendly and happy. They can not only sing well, but also dance well. Meet a group of girls of the 3d form with a morden dance.

Every nation likes its native land. We like Russia and wish prosperity to our country and to people all over the world. Enjoy the funny song “Аюшки”. Meet Andreeva Nastenka with this song.

          We hope that you are satisfied with our performance. Thank you for your attention.


Приложение 1









radiostation BBC

Приложение 2

Приложение 3



is assotiated with…


is connected with…


is devided into…


is devoted to…



is reported by…


is characterized by…

consist(s) of…






current affair



soap opera






feature film



adventure film



Приложение 4

All newspapers in Britain, daily or Sunday ones, can be broadly divided into the quality press and the popular press. The quality newspapers are also known as «heavies» and they usually deal with domestic and overseas news, with detailed and extensive coverage of sports and cultural events. Besides they also carry financial reports, travel news, and book and film reviews.

The popular press, or the «populars», are also known as tabloids, as they are smaller in size being halfsheet in format. Some people also call them the «gutter press» — offering news for people less interested in daily detailed news reports. They are characterized by large headlines, carry a lot of big photographs, and concentrate on the personal aspects of news, with reports of the recent sensational and juicy bits of events, not excluding the Royal Family. The language of a tabloid is much more colloquial than that of quality newspapers.

Here is a possibly witty though true classification of English newspapers:

The Times is read by the people who run the country.

The Mirror is read by the people who think they run the country.

The Guardian is read by the people who think about running the country.

The Mail is read by wives of the people who run the country.

The Daily Telegraph is read by the people who think the country ought to be run as it used to be.

The Express is read by the people who think it is still run as it used to be.

The Sun is read by the people who don’t care who runs the country as long as the naked girl on page three is attractive.
Questions for discussion

  1. Do you enjoy reading newspapers?

  2. What is your favorite newspaper? Why?

  3. How can we devide the British newspapers?

  4. Give the characteristics of the serious newspapers

  5. What are the populars specialized in?

  6. What is the language of the popular press?

Приложение 5
The Press

are known for...

domestic and overseas news

detailed information

carry financial reports

travel news

book and film reviews

smaller in size

offer news in brief

big photographs

are characterized by

large head lines

personal aspects of news

sensational and juicy bits of events, colloquial languag

is reported by...

correspondent reporter

is connected with

I’d like to read

Приложение 6
Situation I
Two politics are talking over newspapers news.

- I can’t believe that you read “Arguments and Facts”

- Sure, usually I read “heavies”. “The Izvestiya” for example, which deals with domestic and overseas news, with detailed information of political events, sports and culture. And what about you?

- So am I. Besides they also carry travel news and book and film reviews.

- And what do you think of such news?


- Wow! It’s the wast (best) news I’ve ever heard, I believe.

Приложение 7
Situation II
The British housewives are talking about newspaper news.

- Can you imagine the last issue of “The Mail”

- Sure! I’ve enjoyed every page of it: large headlines and news in brief. It’s not difficult to read, because the language is colloquial.

- As for me, I concentrated on the personal aspects of news with reports of the recent sensational a juicy bits of events, especially gossips about the Royal Family, mainly Prince Charles and Lady Camilla. They’ve got married at last, and seem to be happy.

- And what about this news?


- Oh, what a temble news! I think, that “No news is good news”.

Приложение 8

News in brief
What plants will be delayed by al least another 12 months?
Plants to the currencies of Russia and Belarus will be delayed by at least another twelve months, and may not become reality until 2006, according to Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin. The minister laid the blame for yet another delay squarely at Belarus’ feet.
to unify – объединить

currency – валюта

to be delayed – отложена

to lay the blate – возложить ответственность, обвинить

squarely – непосредственно

feet (foot) – позиция

News in brief
Where is Kazakhstan planning to build an export terminal of grain?
Russia’s southern neighbor Kazakhstan is planning to build a $26 million grain export terminal at the Latvian seaport of Ventspils that would be capable of handling 2,5 million tons of grain per year, of which two million would come from Kazakhstan.
neighbour – сосед

grain export terminal – терминал для экспорта зерна

to be capable of handling – быть способным переработать

News in brief
What did Leonid Nevzlin say about his political activity in Russia?
Leonid Nevzlin, one of Menatep’s major stock-holders not in jail, has given up all of his political activities in Russia at Mikhail Khodorkovsky’s request. He said he would like to “disappear” from politics until least 2007.
stock-holder – держатель акций

jail – тюрьма

to give up – отставить

request – просьба

to disappear – исчезнуть

at least – по меньшей мере

News in brief
What has happened in Cote d’Ivoire?
A planned series of antigovernment pretests came to an early end in Cote d’Ivoire after the security forces killed at least 37 and may have injured as many as 300 demonstrators.
to come to an early en – прийти к концу

Cote d’Ivoire – Кот

security – служба безопасности

at least по меньшей мере

to injure – поранить

News in brief
Read the article, answer the question: What did the U.S. military commanders state?
U.S. military commanders publicly stated that they were reviewing sending thousands more American soldiers to Iraq. They say that there are just enough troops to handle the current situation, but if circumstances worsen they will have no choice but to call up more soldiers.
military – военное(-ый)

to state - заявлять

to review – рассматривать

troops - войска

to handle – держать в руках

current - текущий

News in brief
What will Russia make foreign dept service?
Russia will make foreign debt service payments of $19 billion in 2005 without resorting to its stability fund. In 2004 Moscow is to make foreign debt service payments of $16 billion after a record $17 billion in 2003. Russia expects to reduce its foreign liabilities to $113.6 billion by the end of this year.
foreign dept service payments – обслуживание по уплатам долгов за рубежом

resorting – прибегая к помощи

stability fund – стабилизационный фонд

liability – задолженность

News in brief
What bill did The State Duma pass?
The State Duma passed a bill in its first reading that world allow foreign nationals to own up to 49 percent of new aviation companies, up from the present 25 percent, although the head of any such joint venture must still possess Russian citizenship.
to pass a bill – принять

to allow – позволять

to own up – владеть

although – хотя

to possess – обладать

citizenship – гражданство

News in brief
Why is the Polish prime minister to resign?
The Polish prime minister, Leszek Miller, is to resign because of high unemployment and corruption scandals. He agreed last week to step down the day after Poland joins the European Union on May. His most likely successor is Marek Belka, an economic advisor in Iraq.
to resign – уходить в отставку

unemployment – безработица

corruption – коррупция

successor – приемник
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