Интервью О. Бычкова: 11 часов и 11 минут в Москве. У микрофона Ольга Бычкова. Доброе утро! В ближайшие полчаса мы говорим о днях ирландской культуры в России.

НазваниеИнтервью О. Бычкова: 11 часов и 11 минут в Москве. У микрофона Ольга Бычкова. Доброе утро! В ближайшие полчаса мы говорим о днях ирландской культуры в России.
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  1. From mycharity.ie:


Avril Conroy's Great Garda Run Chicago

Date: 11-10-2009

My Personal Message

Dear Friends,

In October 1979 our mum Kitty lost her battle against cancer at the age of 42- this year marks her 30 year anniversairy. My sister Olwyn has been running marathons and many other activities for the past few years and we are all so proud of her.
This year Olwyn told me she would do the Chicago Marathon with all proceeds going to the Marie Keating Foundation , they have done enormous work to provide information and awareness on Cancer to the general public.
I have decided to do this with her but I will walk it along with our friend Darina- I am very excited but also a little scared but last Saturday I completed with the help of some very good friends a 17km walk in Moscow so I am much more confident now.
I would really appreciate your support on this very exciting journey- I will do my very best to finish it even if I will be the last!
I want to thank Ninos and my boys for all their love and support!
A huge thank you to Caroline and Claire for walking with me all the way- it is great fun.
To Tanya, Lesley, Olwyn and Padraic we are so lucky to have eachother!
Any amount is a great amount and please be assured that your transaction on the mycharity.ie website is very secure.
Warmest Wishes,

Fundraising target: €15,000.00

Money raised off-line: €0.00

Money raised on-line: €14,449.00

Total Raised: €14,449.00

  1. Irish Club Moscow:



December 15, 2006

Dear Members of The Irish Club:
In early October the Leadership Team informed you that the Club was preparing to revise its approach toward the allocation of funds raised for charity throughout the year.  Thanks to your constructive feedback we received two nominations of groups that we could consider supporting; it was imperative that all suggested groups meet our 5 Strategic Initiatives and 3 Core Ground Rules (both outlined in my subsequent 28 October email).  Additionally we agreed that the groups supported by The Irish Club be focused on supporting children, education or culture – and also allow for participation by Club Members.

I am pleased to announce that the Leadership Team Charity Working Group met with the two prospective recipients on Tuesday 12 December to confirm that all criteria above was met and that an effective relationship could be established.  Based upon your input, these meetings and the work of your Leadership Team dating back more than two months, following are the two organizations selected as recipients of support from The Irish Club during 2006-07:

Diema’s Dream – is focused on providing financial, medical and educational support for physically and mentally disabled children in Russia.  They operate in orphanage Number 8 in Moscow (with 150 children), are building a facility outside Moscow for children 18 and older, and have a Family Services Center in Moscow to provide assistance and education for disabled children living with their families.  Support from The Irish Club will go toward repairs and construction of their facility outside of Moscow.  Those Members wanting to volunteer their time are also most welcome – both on site at the facility outside Moscow, and/or by taking children on day-trips in/around Moscow (to a movie, circus, park, etc).  Additional information can be found at: www.diemasdream.com

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Russia – operating in Russia since 1992, this group focuses in Moscow on matching a vulnerable young person with an adult volunteer to develop friendship and help young people to become a caring, connected and confident member of society.  They also have programs across Russia that also include invalid children in orphanages and shelters.  Support from The Irish Club will go toward hiring Case Managers (trained psychologists) who each oversee 50 volunteer-youth matches.  Critical to the success of the program is recruiting positive role models to work with the young Russians; Members of The Irish Club are most welcome to join!  Some of our Members may already know of this group through its association with Foroige, the National Youth Development Organization in Ireland.  Additional information can be found at: www.bbbsi.org

Both organizations will also have an informational stand at the St. Patrick’s Day Ball on 17 March 2007 so that Members can learn more about the work of these important charities.  We will also look at other ways that The Irish Club can work with these groups.

I hope that you will join me in thanking all Members of The Irish Club for their active efforts to devise and implement a clear and transparent process to utilize funds raised by the Club in support of local charities.

Warm Wishes,

December 7th, 2006

Dear All,
Many thanks for your responses and would you believe we are now all sold out or should I say fully reserved. For those of you who have booked and thank you for this – the next task I have is to get the monies in as soon as possible. Many of you have already contacted me and many thanks to those who have already paid.

There are 3 options on how to pay


Directly to hotel but before December 20th.

Bank transfer

Please when you have made your decision please let Michael O Connor and I know and we will organize the rest with you.
Sorry for hounding you but we want to make this a very special night.

Warm wishes,

December 5, 2006

Dear All,
Before we start advertising to the non members for tickets could I please ask you once again- if you have not booked a seat or table please do so. I would hate any of you to miss out and the seats are selling very fast- we only have 80 seats left.

Warm wishes,

November 13th, 2006

Dear All,
It is hard to believe but the festive season is nearly upon us. We would like to invite you all to join us for some Christmas drinks and some Irish music on the 13th of December at the Shamrock Bar – Valdi Centre Novy Arbat at 8pm.

The management very kindly has agreed to supply Irish Music until the early hours and also a 15% discount on all food and drinks.
Thanks a million John Murphy for organizing this for us all!!
Ambassador Harman will also join us.

A few reminders….
The Children’s Christmas Party will take place on the 17th of December I have received responses from many of you and many thanks for this but for those who have not had the chance please let me know.

The ball tickets are selling out very fast we have sold 150 out of 270 so please if you have not reserved your table now is the time.

Warm wishes and see you on the 13th of December,

8th of November 2006
AEB Drinks hosted by the Irish Embassy
Looking forward, an invitation will soon be going out for the 29th of November the start of our business breakfast series  , but I wanted to take this  opportunity to engage with you about an exciting family event for our Members; the 16 December Children’s Christmas Party being organizing together with Ambassador Justin Harman and the Irish Embassy.  The afternoon event (from X hrs until X hrs) at the Irish Embassy will be a chance for Members of The Irish Club and their families to enjoy a bit of Christmas cheer – and for the children to receive a small holiday gift.  Toward that end, we would appreciate if you could confirm your interest in attending, and also the following information about your children:




If you know of others who might want to attend this event with their families but are not currently Members of The Irish Club, please ask them to contact me directly.

I hope that you are pleased with the level/type of events that we have been/are organizing for our Membership.  We are always open to any and all suggestions!

Best regards, Avril Conroy.

November 7th, 2006

Dear fellow Members of The Irish Club
I hope that you have enjoyed the three events that have been held since the announcement of your new Leadership Team as part of the August/September 2006 election process; there will be two additional events in the lead-up to Christmas which have been communicated separately.

Today, I would like to inform you that we have been making solid progress toward arrangements for the 2007 St. Patrick’s Day Ball that will be held on Saturday 17 March.  The event will occur at the Marriott Grand hotel and will include a full night of top-quality Irish entertainment.  As one of the benefits of your paid membership you now have the opportunity to reserve tickets and/or tables (of either 10 or 12 persons) for this gala evening on a first-come, first-serve basis.  This special reservation period for Members will last until 1 December 2006; any unclaimed tables will then be available to non-Members on the same first-come, first-serve basis.  The cost of tickets is $125 USD each, or $1250 per table of 10 (or $1500 for a table of 12).

Additionally, I will be seeking to receive full payment for tickets and/or tables by 15 December 2006 so that your Leadership Team can concentrate its efforts on organizing a top-quality event.  If you or a member of your family would like to volunteer to help us in relation to this or the St. Patrick’s Day parade being organized for Sunday 18 March, please contact me directly.  We can always use your help!

If you want to take advantage of this special reservation period but have yet to pay your dues (or know of someone who would like to join The Irish Club), please contact your Treasurer Michael O’Connor at michael@gc-m.ru

Thank you for your continued support and engagement in The Irish Club!

Best wishes, Avril.

October 28, 2006

Dear Members:
Earlier this month I sent out a note asking for your thoughts on what charity organizations you would like The Irish Club to support with any funds raised throughout the year.  My thanks to those of you who responded to this request, and I am pleased to report that we have received input to consider the following charities:

Diema’s Dream

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Russia

We have also developed a DRAFT set of criteria guiding our support, and would appreciate if any of you have any comments on it.
Overall statement:  As it is our desire to target our charity efforts in a meaningful and effective way, and to deal fairly with all deserving request for our funds and resources, we concentrate particularly on projects involving Children, Education and Culture. Our approach also focuses on involving our Club Members with their active engagement.
Our charity efforts policy - Our funding is specifically targeted on the following areas, with preference given to Projects that corresponds to The Irish Club charity aid priorities and can be realized through five strategic initiatives:

· Organizations working with disadvantaged communities in Moscow and its environs
· Programs which provide opportunities for the involvement of Club Members
· Community organizations and schools, rather than individuals
· Programs proposed by Members
· Programs coordinated by reputable and reliable charity/community organizations
Furthermore, all recipients of charity funding from The Irish Club: 1) must be legally registered in Russia, 2) must be transparent in their spending, and 3) must report on their activities and how Club funds were spent in targeted areas (not general support).

Lastly, The Irish Club will seek to team-up with one or more charities so that our support can leverage that of other organizations.

I look forward to hearing from you.
 On behalf of The Irish Club Leadership Team, best regards, Avril.

October 13th, 2006

Dear fellow Members of The Irish Club
On behalf of the Leadership Team, I am pleased to report that we are making solid progress toward the goals that we had established over previous weeks.  Since July, leadership elections have been held and results communicated to all Members, six events have been scheduled through March 2007 (with one already completed) and a revised charter for The Irish Club has been agreed and circulated.  With the continued support of our Patron Irish Ambassador Justin Harman and his team, we are looking forward to a successful few months ahead.  

Our success, however, depends not only on the work of the Leadership Team, but also on the active participation of our Members – you.  Specifically, I am hoping that many of you and/or your spouses will want to become involved in the activities of The Irish Club – and there are two areas where we could use your immediate help.

First, we would like to canvass our Members to know what charity organizations you would like any funds raised by The Irish Club to support.  Clearly, it is imperative that any such organization be legally registered in Russia and that we follow all applicable rules and regulations in Russia on these matters.  Please provide your thoughts directly to myself a.conroy@mos.tnk-bp.ru Shawn McCormick (smccormick@tnk-bp.com) and Gerry Rohan (Gerald.j.rohan@ru.pwc.com).  If you do not have a specific charity in mind, please let us know if there is a general area of need where you would like us to focus your Club’s future support, such as children, education, health or other.  We will communicate with our Membership on this matter as we make progress.

Second, we are seeking volunteers to help with various activities of The Irish Club over the coming months.  Of primary importance is planning and preparation for the St. Patrick’s Day Ball, St. Patrick’s Day Parade and The Irish Club Christmas Party.  If you or your spouse would like to assist us by volunteering some of your time toward any of these events, we would very much appreciate your support.  Please contact me directly if you are able/willing to volunteer some of your time toward making these events a success!

On behalf of the Leadership Team, thank you for your continued support and engagement.  We look forward to hearing from you – and to seeing you at upcoming events of The Irish Club!

Best regards, Avril.

October 13th, 2006

Dear Members of The Irish Club:
First, let me thank you for your interest in supporting/participating in the activities of our organization. We are pleased to have you with us for what promises to be an exciting year of programs and activities.  I am very pleased to announce the results of the recent leadership elections for which each of you received a ballot from Gerald Rohan of PWC; the slate of candidate was unanimously approved!

Chair, Avril Conroy

Vice Chair, Shawn McCormick

Treasurer, Michael O'Connor

Secretary, Michael Hennessy

Events/PR, Anthony Watkins

In addition - and in an effort to ensure greater synergy with those institutions leading/supporting Ireland's work in Russia, I am also pleased to announce that four additional non-voting positions have been created and will be filled by the following people:

Patron, His Excellency, the Ambassador of the Republic of Ireland to the Russia Federation Justin Harman

Irish Embassy Representative, Second Secretary, Peter O’Connor

Enterprise Ireland Representative, Mike Hogan

Association of European Business, Ireland Country Representative, Gerald Rohan

As our first event under new leadership, Ambassador Harman has kindly invited all Members of The Irish Club to join him at an Embassy reception on Tuesday 26 September; you will receive a formal invitation directly from the Embassy.  We hope to see all of you there!
We will shortly communicate with you about additional activities that are being organized for October, November and December - in addition to plans connected with St. Patrick's Day in March 2007.  I and my colleagues on the Leadership Team of your Irish Club would also welcome the chance to know of any thoughts that you may have about the future of Club; please feel free to contact us at our email address above.  For those of you who have already paid your annual dues to Shawn, our sincere thanks; for those who have not Michael O’Connor will be in touch with you shortly to make arrangements.
Once again, thank you very much for joining The Irish Club and we look forward to working together.  On behalf of my colleagues,
Sincerely yours, Avril Conroy.


Individual Positions                                              FOR          AGAINST
CHAIR                                    Avril Conroy             ___              ___
VICE CHAIR                            Shawn McCormick     ___              ___
TREASURER                            Michael O’Connor      ___              ___
SECRETARY                            Michael Hennessy      ___              ___
EVENTS/PUBLIC RELATIONS   Anthony Watkins       ___             ___
Entire slate                                                           FOR          AGAINST


Thank you very much for your interest in becoming a Member of The Irish Club of Russia.
The Irish Club is a non-profit organization whose membership is open to the Irish community and ‘friends of Ireland’ in Russia, regardless of nationality, race or religion. Membership is also open to commercial organizations that are Irish or have strong links to Ireland.

The Irish Club organizes both formal and informal social gatherings for its membership and their guests and will endeavour to support cultural, educational and charitable activities, through its own efforts and in cooperation with likeminded organizations. A list of these activities is available (see contact below). The cost of Membership is $100 annually.
To complete your application, please provide us with the following information and payment; this can be sent directly to our Club Secretary Michael Hennessy (hennessy@mdf.aerofirst.ru , telephone 796-7973).
Thank you for your interest in becoming a Member of The Irish Club!
Best regards, Avril Conroy, Chair

Telephone (mobile)
Telephone (home/work)


  1. Facebook:


  1. TNK-BPweb- site:


Avril Conroy ran Petrolcomplex, the operator of the BP-branded network in Moscow, and she is now Director of Marketing and Brand department responsible for promotion of both TNK and BP brands in Russia and Ukraine. “I worked in BP before I came to TNK-BP, and I’m a retailer more than an oil businessman. I don’t think I really understood how to sell fuel until TNK-BP. I had concentrated more on the marketing side, or on the operational side of the retail business, rather than getting the two together. I think we’ve become a much better oil company and a much better retailer. BP probably brought the retail piece and TNK brought the oil piece, in my view.” 

  1. Embassy of Ireland Russia web- site:


Cultural Diary

We are all looking forward to St. Patrick's Day. It is a moment to celebrate our community. From another point of view, it is an opportunity, in Russia as in so many other countries, to promote Ireland. We want the world to know that the factors which facilitated our recent economic success remain, and we have a well-planned strategy to ensure our economic progress into the future. During the St. Patrick's Day period, it is also appropriate to recall that we continue to build on the historic achievement of the peace sustained in Northern Ireland since the Good Friday Agreement. This year, we are honoured to welcome to Russia Mr. Dick Roche TD, Minister for European Affairs, who in addition to supporting our public events will have a busy programme of meetings in St. Petersburg and Moscow.

The Embassy, Enterprise Ireland, our new Honorary Consul in St. Petersburg, Mr. Anatoly Shashin, Ms. Avril Conroy and her team at the Irish Club, Aer Rianta and many others have put together a most valuable programme of events and meetings in St. Petersburg, Moscow, and Kazan. You may wish to note - and spread the word regarding - the following "open" events:

  1. Globalirish.ie – about emigration and diaspora

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Интервью О. Бычкова: 11 часов и 11 минут в Москве. У микрофона Ольга Бычкова. Доброе утро! В ближайшие полчаса мы говорим о днях ирландской культуры в России. iconУрок внеклассного чтения. В быков «Обелиск»
Очень часто, когда мы говорим о войне, то говорим о подвигах, о воинской славе, об известных героях. А как же те, кто отдал свою...

Интервью О. Бычкова: 11 часов и 11 минут в Москве. У микрофона Ольга Бычкова. Доброе утро! В ближайшие полчаса мы говорим о днях ирландской культуры в России. icon2014 год Год культуры в России
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Интервью О. Бычкова: 11 часов и 11 минут в Москве. У микрофона Ольга Бычкова. Доброе утро! В ближайшие полчаса мы говорим о днях ирландской культуры в России. iconИнструкция по выполнению работы Экзаменационная работа по литературе...
Экзаменационная работа по литературе состоит из 4 частей. На ее выполнение дается 4 часа (240 минут). Рекомендуем так распределить...

Интервью О. Бычкова: 11 часов и 11 минут в Москве. У микрофона Ольга Бычкова. Доброе утро! В ближайшие полчаса мы говорим о днях ирландской культуры в России. iconРабочая образовательная программа по литературе для 6класса (2 часа...
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Особенностью работы кабинета русского языка и литературы в 2010-11 учебном году явилось следующее

Интервью О. Бычкова: 11 часов и 11 минут в Москве. У микрофона Ольга Бычкова. Доброе утро! В ближайшие полчаса мы говорим о днях ирландской культуры в России. iconЭкскурсия по москве и санкт петербургу
Сердце России стр. 4

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Интервью О. Бычкова: 11 часов и 11 минут в Москве. У микрофона Ольга Бычкова. Доброе утро! В ближайшие полчаса мы говорим о днях ирландской культуры в России. iconПояснительная записка
Е. П., Скиба А. В. «Модульное обучение на уроках информатики. Программирование в среде Турбо-Паскаль» как поддерживающий профиль....

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